We look at a rig containing the z-drive and handgrip.

  • 10 March 2014

Zacuto were kind enough to send us the Tornado recoil to test out on our Sony F5 - so we did a little review.

Greg from Lanor and Sam from The Gate Films talk about its features, try it in action and demonstrate how to use it.

The Zacuto Z-Drive follow focus handgrip.
zacuto zacuto

What we thought?

Although more expensive than some rigs; the gear is high quality and stylish. It might take some getting used to but once mastered, the z-drive allows a stand alone camera operater to take some great shots, see the video for a full review.

Check out the product range here:
Thanks to Rachel Kenton for letting us play with it.

Case Study

The Issue

Zacuto is a Chicago based filmmaking accessories manufacturer who asked Lanor to review their new rig that included the Z-drive that allows the camera operator to adjust the focus while still holding the camera in comfort. Zacuto wanted an independent opinion on their product that could be used to help customers decide on their purchase.

What We Did

Once we received the rig we got our first opinions from setting it up and having a little play. We recorded our first impressions of it before heading outside with the Sony F5 to record some footage of it in action. Back in the office, we gave our thoughts on using it on set before giving our final conclusions.


Zacuto were very happy with the video which went onto the Tornado Recoil product page of their website as well as their news and blog section and linked through their social media accounts. The video has had good reaction from the public and has given an honest view of the product to help inform others.


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