Where has 2015 gone? Let's talk Christmas.

  • 18 December 2015

Because we've now done it in 2013 and 2014, reviewing Christmas Adverts is a tradition, which we must do even if watching festive ads makes us lose the will to live.

John Lewis

As always we have to start with the much anticipated John Lewis ad. It's fine, although there are lots of questions. Why is he on the moon? Who is this kid? Luckily, white middleclass England with their nice, light strewn houses, telescopes and ability to deliver presents to the moon using only balloons are all going to be fine.


Moving up the list, although after using Jools Holland last year they've always been rising, is Aldi with their John Lewis parody. It is nice and well played to the production company for getting it sorted so soon...unless there was some insider information passed on? Conspiracy! It's about the moon! CONSPIRACY!


Have Sainsbury's done it again? People seem to think so. But there are so many questions about how this series of unfortunate and unlikely events occurred. Maybe I'm taking these adverts too literally. But the most confusing point is that I'm sure Mog is the cat from Meg and Mog, they're always on a broom and there's usually an owl. Mog's black and white, that's not Mog. What's happening? Who is this imposter?

Raunchy Debenhams

Hold on, Debenhams adverts are usually raunchy. Now they have teddy bears and kids with only a whiff or raunchiness. Go back to raunchy so I can moan about it!


In 2013 Christmas started on November 9th. This year Asda kicked it off on November 1st. That's why it's been so mild. Hash tags have also been brought in so that their social media team can spend the next 2 months pretending to be happy, festive and funny. #BuyStuffFromUs


I generally really like the Boots Christmas adverts. I mentioned that their 2013 ad was particularly good. I'm pleased to say these guys agreed. This year it's OK but gone a bit too generic, throw any logo at the end; M & S, Debenhams, Superdrug, whoever.

Coca Cola

People are still attracted to the fizzy stuff, they'll swarm to the stupid big trucks to get a photo. We can put it on the wall so every time we look at it we think, 'I'd love a wonderful can of coke'; they've infiltrated our omes and minds! Like terrorism!

Anyway, this year one of their Christmas adverts gained criticism for implying that this poor indigenous community won't be able to cope without some rich white kids coming to help make them some modern art. Coke, you fools.


There was just a quick overview of our "favourite" brands encouraging us to buy from them, looking back, it's quite cynical but that's fine because it's always been cynical, it's a tradition. Plus you don't know if I'm being honest or doing it for comic effect; mysterious! If you'd like some more of this I'd strongly suggest reading this adverts overview.

Overall, it was another year of the big adverts trying to tug on our heartstrings to get our attention, the German brand EDEKA maybe took it too far. But hey, it got our attention.

Have a lovely Christmas, we'll see you in the new year.

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