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They say the media industry can move very quickly, but today Lanor took that to a whole new level. Our task was to interview Rueben Pullan who had just received his A-level results, and had been accepted into Lancaster University this morning. We had to arrive in Lancaster at 7:30am, finish filming at 9 o’clock and then hand in the final edit for upload at noon.

So at 5am on a cold and damp Thursday morning, the Lanor team dragged themselves out of bed, packed the car and headed off to Reuben's house. We arrived dead on 7:30, and after some quick introductions, kit set up, and a cheeky cup of coffee; everyone was ready to start filming. We stormed through, quickly interviewing a very relieved and happy Rueben; and also Reuben’s very proud parents Jane and Tim! By 9 o’clock we had wrapped and were ready to start editing. So we all jumped back in the car and headed off to Lancaster University campus. We added the clips to a pre-prepared timeline; after only an hour we were ready to show the client the final cut. Adding a few minor changes and exporting, the video was completely done by 11am; an hour before the set deadline.

It was a very early and kind of a ‘whirlwind’ sort of morning! But in a matter of 5 hours we had filmed, edited and completed another client video. A new record for Lanor Productions!

Congratulations to Reuben and everyone else who received their A level results today, and we wish you all the best for the future!

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