We took a very different approach to showcase some of the top tips for career success. Instead of a conventional corporate video, we wrote a series of comedy sketches to get the message across.

Director: Greg Tomaszewicz
Writers: Reece Yates/Greg Tomaszewicz, Matt Freeman, Jackie Gregory, Jan Marcinek
Producer/Production Manager: Reece Yates
Junior Producer: James Wenban
Editor: Tom Parrat

Case Study

The Issue

Lancaster University wanted to engage with students to encourage them to look at their future careers early in order to gain the appropriate skills and experience. There were three main aims:
1. To promote awareness of the importance of extra-curricular activities in terms of not only personal development but also increased employability.
2. Promote opportunities to develop skill and experiences by doing what you love
3. Promote the value of work experience

What We Did

For each of the three videos we came up with two ideas, the first a more corporate 'safe' option, the second more of a creative option.

After discussion with the University, and a few amendments, the final proposal included the bulk of the creative ideas. We got to work with further research, including talking to University staff and leading focus groups with student union members and students to gain feedback of our ideas and an insight into their attitudes.

Production involved sourcing Lancaster University alumni, employers from large organisations & SMEs, current students involved with clubs and societies as well as a script writer and actors.


The videos were suitable for both the University website and to induce discussion during careers talks and workshops. We also produced versions with subtitles/voice over allowing them to be available to a broader range of students.

Jackie Gregory, Student Opportunities and Skills Developer at Lancaster University, explained that the video feedback has been really good from students, chief administrative officer and Provost for Student Experience.

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