Campus in the City brings the research that takes place on Lancaster University campus to Lancaster City Centre to engage the public. Over a time span of 11 weeks we investigated and filmed the project, learning a lot of new things and providing FASS with this film that shows CITC in a nutshell.

Produced and Directed by: Paul Hodges
Filmed and edited by: Greg Tomaszewicz
Executive Producer: Joe Buglass
Music: Perpetual Vessel

Case Study

The Issue

Campus in the City was a new initiative that brought academics, students, research and ideas that took place at Lancaster University into the heart of Lancaster City Centre, allowing the university to engage with the public.
Lancaster University wanted to document this 11 week project to showcase the events and to collect reactions from speakers, organisers, the public and key stake holders.

What We Did

We attended eight key events during the project; filming the events themselves as well as speaking to the public and those involved with the research. Further interviews were also filmed at Lancaster University. Importantly for a film that was 15 minutes long we needed to keep the interest of the viewer. To do this, alongside the head shot interviews, we used a large selection of interesting, eye catching cut-aways from the events and a series of time lapses of the campus and the city.
We also used a range of innovative camera positions, such as high above Penny Street (the main Lancaster shopping street) and using a wheeled dolly to create engaging movement.
Another key aspect that we added to the film was to produce an individual sound track for each event. These were made in-house, and so were unique to the Campus in the City video. This allows the viewer to easily recognise individual events and again keeps the viewer’s interest.
Finally, as well as an online version we also produced a small set of DVDs. Editing a video for online viewing is slightly different than for DVD productions, however with forward planning and in-house knowledge it was a simple process.


The video was used to disseminate the project to stakeholders showing what had taken place during the inaugural Campus in the City. It was also successfully used to achieve its main aim which was to help secure funding and support for Campus in the City 2015.

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