A product video showcasing the GPO Stylo record player.

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Case Study

The Issue

GPO design and sell retro record players, telephones and related devices. In a competitive market they wanted to stand out from the crowd, especially on sites like Amazon. To do this they wanted a series of product videos explaining the key features of the products while still in keeping with the retro feel and design.

What We Did

We suggested creating simple 30-60 second adverts of the product spinning on a turntable with zooms on key features of the products. This would be accompanied by a voice over explaining the features. We gave GPO a selection of backings to choose from, including glass, wood and black or white board; after discussion we settled on a rustic brick and wood feel.

We created a script for each record player and a choice of three voice-overs and three music tracks that we had produced in house to choose from.

The final product was exported in two formats to comply with Amazon, Argos and standard websites.


The product videos have been in high demand from resellers of the record players and this has increased the brand awareness and take up of GPO and its products. Gary, Director at GPO, explained that he was delighted with the end product saying that 'they look great on Amazon, Argos and our website and we’ve even noticed an increase in sales since we launched the videos.' Since we produced the first set of four videos GPO have come back to us to produce a further 8 videos.

Client Site Video

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