Marketing video for the volunteering arm of Lancaster University Student Union; Green Lancaster.

Case Study

The Issue

LUSU were campaigning to emphasize the importance of extra curricular activities and how they increase employability. Having a good degree simply is not enough to boost a student’s CV, a fact that many students neglect. Hence, they got in touch to see if we could create an informative and promotional video for being engaged in activities outside of a degree using Green Lancaster (a volunteering arm of LUSU) as an example.

What We Did

The strategy to get the message out was to show and tell; first interviewing an employer, Stephen Buchanan who stated what skills are needed to be employable, then we interviewed Green Lancaster employees who talked about the opportunities for gaining skills, as well as the student volunteers who spoke about what they did.


Finding and interviewing the above people we showcased what is needed, where to get it, and how it is done to become more employable and we covered all the aspects that were needed to portray an informative and promotional video. The client was very happy with the result as it sent the message they were looking for and since then they’ve recruited many more students who in turn have boosted their own CVs.

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