The Grow Wild launch events of Kew Garden's wild flower project; Grow Wild - Tale of Two Cities. Starting with Everton Park in Liverpool hosting an event with live music, talks, wild flower walks and performing arts.

A week later we also filmed the Mancheter launch event. As part of the same project, volunteers, children, parents and pets paraded through the streets with flowers in hand, finishing with dancing in St Ann's Square. This also began the week long Dig The City celebration; bringing gardens, flowers and more to Manchester City Centre.
See the video below:

Case Study

The Issue

Grow Wild is an initiative by Kew Gardens to increase wild flower meadows in Manchester and Liverpool. One of their launch events was at Everton Park. They wanted to showcase people enjoying the wildflower walks, live music and performing arts alongside the urban background.

What We Did

A couple of days before the shoot we went to the park for pre-planning, seeing where the different elements of the event were going to be so that we could plan the shots that we would take. On the day of the event we filmed a variety of footage including time lapses, point of view GoPro shots and reactions form a range of different people.
The event took place on the Saturday, and the client wanted the video published on the Monday. Although not our quickest edit (see appendix 1.4), we didn’t have long to choose the shots, colour grade and add the backing music.
Alongside the main video, we also provided two social media videos, one for Facebook and the second for Instagram (which had to be square in dimension and under 15 seconds to successfully upload).


The video gave a great overview of what Grow Wild were doing. As a launch event it was also important to be able to communicate the event and initiative to the general public; increasing the awareness and brand. Producing the social media videos was particularly important for this. The video was shown on the home page of the Grow Wild website and is the second in a line of videos for the two year project.

Client Site Video (Manchester)
Client Site Video (Liverpool)
Client Site Video (Social Media)

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