Swoosh English is an online English School for Hong Kong students. This video showcases the company, how they work and what they have to offer; aimed at Hong Kong students aged 6-12 years.

Case Study

The Issue

Swoosh English allows children, students and adults in Hong Kong to learn and improve their English skills via one to one lessons with teachers in England through an online platform. Swoosh English wanted to be able to quickly explain what they did as well as give an overview of the platform. This video also needed to be accessible for parents in Hong Kong.

What We Did

We produced a video of a lesson in progress using our motion control system to give smooth flowing movement to what would have otherwise been a low movement shot. We also created screen recordings, a voice over and created some stop motion drawings to further explain what Swoosh English did and added a testimonial from a student in Hong Kong. To ensure the video also appealed to those in Hong Kong we translated the voice over and testimonials to add subtitles in Traditional Chinese.


Since the launch of the video, Swoosh English has increased the number of teachers and packages available as well as the number of students taking lessons. The video has also been particularly useful for Swoosh English founder, Alex, to explain the concept while on visits to Hong Kong. Regarding the production process, Alex said that 'I was very impressed with Lanor Productions' approach to the project; clearly listening and implementing all aspects of my objectives into the video'.

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