A video made entirely of time lapses, looking at the set up, gathering and dinner for the Welcome to Yorkshire White Rose Award Ceremony at the Yorkshire Events Centre in Harrogate.

Case Study

The Issue

Welcome to Yorkshire wanted to showcase their annual White Rose Award Ceremony which recognises the best tourism sites in Yorkshire. They wanted to show off to potential new members the exciting end of year event and be able to use it in future years to advertise the event and increase ticket sales.

What We Did

We chose to be particularly artistic with this project, creating a video purely of time lapses to show the entire event from set up to close. Using four cameras and our motion control system we captured the elements of the event coming together to create the celebration. We also composed the music in house to give it a bespoke finish.


Dee Marshall, Head of Communication at Welcome to Yorkshire, thought that the 'time lapse works really well and looks terrific'. She also explained that there was an obvious story line from set up to event and that this would allow them to re-use the video for future award ceremonies to explain to guests what to expect at the event and so hopefully increase ticket sales.

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